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Ryan Glover, B.A., CELTA, M.A. in Global Leadership –  ENGL / IELTS Instructor

Ryan Glover, B.A., CELTA, M.A. in Global Leadership –  ENGL / IELTS Instructor

Ryan is an English language instructor with eight years of international teaching experience. He has taught IELTS and university preparation classes in the State of Qatar, the Russian Federation and Canada. When not working on this website, teaching English online or working towards his M.A. in Global Leadership,  Ryan is employed as an ENGL 099 instructor helping to prepare international students to succeed in North America university culture.

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like to have a trial lesson before you purchase any pricing package, please click on the following link to schedule your trial lesson:

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Becoming a member entitles you to receive a 20% discount on all pricing packages. Also included with your membership is an English language assessment test and half an hour Personal Coaching Session to review the results of your assessment test. Your membership also includes free access to bi-monthly ESL / IELTS classes. You can become member by enrolling in our Placement Testing Package. Here is the link to enroll:


ESL / IELTS distance learning lessons take place using Zoom Video Conference Calling software. Once your booking payment has been receive, you will receive a link to schedule to dates and times that you would like to have your lessons take place. Download Zoom for free:
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